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Meet the LongNecks.

An ever expanding family of furniture. Elegantly designed and handcrafted from steel, wood and fabric. Each piece has its own unique character and purpose. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. But they are clearly all connected, sharing a graceful aesthetic with a touch of humor.

These five pieces form the first generation of LongNecks. The complete series range from cabinets, desks, tables and cupboards to couches and armchairs. 

Made from 3mm thick stainless steel, they are strong and sustainable and therefore ideal for office, hotel or public spaces.  

With their flexible applications they can be placed in any setting and inspire an ambience of creativity and comfort.

The LongNecks

Custom-made LongNeck.

A LongNeck design can be custom-made to suit your personal preferences. Not only by choosing the type of wood and upholstery, but also by altering its dimensions to accommodate your interior as best as possible.

The LongNecks can be powder coated in any color. Various metal finishings, such as copper and brass coating, are available.

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